Superior Freshwater Fusion

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  • As of August 1st, 2019 Fish4Dogs Superior Brand will no longer be available for purchase to US customers. 

    This includes Salmon, Freshwater, and Puppy recipes.
    All remaining Superior stock will be available on our website until this date at a discounted rate. All remaining Superior stock has a Best-By date ranging from August 13 - September 15 2019.

    We encourage all customers to try our Finest Brand Complete Foods.

    Please Click Here To Learn Why This Change is Happening


    Superior Freshwater Fusion is specially formulated with a blend of fresh trout and catfish, sweet potato, and pea. We know you want only the best for your furry family member, and that is exactly what you get with Superior - all the health benefits of a seafood diet with none of the nonsense.

    Our Superior Brand goes far beyond just basic nutrition by adding some key beneficial ingredients that sets it apart from other brands - making it truly unique.

    Krill - Easily digestible protein and superior source of Omega-3 for healthy skin and shiny coats.
    Green-Lipped Mussels - Natural source of Glucosamine & Chondroitin to condition the joints of older dogs.
    Seaweed Extract - Prebiotic that supports healthy gut bacteria as a digestive health aid.
    Coconut Oil - Gently supports the metabolism giving added energy and vitality.

    Fish4Dogs Superior Freshwater Infographic

    All Fish4Dogs food recipes start with a blend of sweet potato & pea mixed with a type of fish for full-bodied texture and flavor. Nutritional studies have proven that fish is nutritionally the best protein source for dogs that our planet has to offer. Sweet Potato & Pea provide natural "good carbohydrates" for long lasting energy with the lowest risk of digestive sensitivity.

    *All Fish4Dogs products are free of meat and poultry, naturally grain-free, gluten-free, and easy to digest, with a pungent taste that dogs do backflips for! (Figuratively speaking of course).

    No Quibble Kibble money back guarantee iconNo Quibble Kibble Guarantee - We're so confident your dog will love the taste of Fish4Dogs that we offer a money-back-guarantee on all our complete dog & puppy food 3.3lb bags. Terms & conditions apply.


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