Calamari Rings

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  • Our Calamari Rings give you, the owner, the chance to indulge your pet with these gourmet dog treats. Part of our 'Love' treats range. The ‘Love’ category contains a range of deliciously different treats, that are great for owners who just want to show their dogs they are loved. Interesting, intriguing, different and delicious.

    Made from oven baked squid, these treats have a strong aroma that will delight your dog. Dogs have fewer taste receptors than humans and the use of smell plays a large part in palatability.

    Rich in marine sourced Omega 3, Calamari Rings are ideal for healthy, shiny coats and supple joints and a highly digestible protein low in saturated fats and sugars.

    Please Note: A white substance known as "bloom" naturally appears on our Calamari Rings. This is the same white substance that appears on many cured meats and is perfectly normal and safe to consume. 



    supports joint healthskin and coat supportdigestive aiddental carecontains omega-3grain-free recipe


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