Ron's Story

Sponsorship Journal
Rescue:  Music City Animal Rescue – Nashville, TN
Dog Name:  Ron
Breed:  Border Collie Mix


fish4dogs skin conditionsRon is a 7-year-old Border Collie Mix. He was rescued from a kill shelter in East TN about a month ago. He was so calm and sweet and had such sad eyes, Music City Rescue couldn't leave him there. They could not imagine why someone would have abandoned him. He was found as a stray - matted and hungry.November 29, 2017 

Once Ron got home, MCR realized that he had extremely bad skin issues with yeast and other bacterial infections. He had a cyst on his neck and he seemed a little bloated. The morning MCR took him to be neutered and have the cyst removed, the vet called back for an emergency. Ron's color began to drain from him and he was going into shock. He had a large mass in his abdomen that had ruptured and he was bleeding internally and time was critical. The vet operated on him to find that he had a large tumor on his spleen that had ruptured a couple of times before, but this time, had it been an hour later, Ron would have died.

Ron had this surgery, neutered, a cyst removed and a general checkup. MCR is still waiting on pathology reports to see if his tumor was cancerous. In the meantime, Ron has been an absolute doll. A gentle soul that has not whimpered or complained. Despite numerous stitches and soreness, he has not had one accident in the house. He continued to limp outside to go.

The day he came home from the hospital, all he wanted to do was play outside in the leaves, in the sun and enjoy himself. It was as if he realized he had been given a second chance and he wanted to take advantage of it. Ron will need to be on a special diet for the rest of his life and possibly some medications for his skin etc... But MCR was so happy to help.

Currently Ron's vet bill is $1,200.00. His foster mommy has agreed to let Ron live with her as long as he needs to. This means long-term foster care of food and medications.


December 12, 2017

Status Report Update:  The mass is non-cancerous! He love his Fish4Dogs food and treats, and we hope that it helps clear up his dry, patchy skin! Attached are some photos of Ron.

fish4dogs ron happy

December 22, 2017

Status Report Update:  Ron’s skin has seen significant improvement over the past month.  The scabs and roughness are gone.  He now has pink skin and does not seem to be as uncomfortable.   He is actually running a little with the other dogs. 

We are hopeful that now since his surgery to remove the tumor on his spleen and with the implementation of a healthy and targeted feeding routine, Ron will continue to improve.  He is a precious boy that deserves to feel the best that he can, and we think that Fish4Dogs is definitely going to help with his continued improvement.

Ron enjoys relaxing in his kennel with a nice bowl of Fish4Dogs kibble.
Ron’s skin is clearing up and feeling good!
Ron guarding his bowl by wearing it as a hat.
Ron enjoying his Fishy Sea Jerky Fish Twists!

Status Report Update:  January 10th – Ron is thriving and his recovery continues to improve every day.  The big news is the scabs & roughness on his skin have cleared up so well that we were able to start talking about his future adoption.  A friend of the foster family where Ron is staying unfortunately lost their dog recently and are looking to adopt a new older dog like Ron. They fell in love with Ron when they met him and if all goes well, we think he will be getting adopted! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT


Final Status Report Update: March 20th 


“It's hard to believe I've only had Charlie for 10 weeks, as it seems like he's been part of the family longer than that. First of all, I renamed him to Charlie (aka Sir Charles of Trenton- I live on Trenton Dr) as he just didn't seem like a "Ron" to me.  

Charlie continues to eat Fish4Dogs right now and those raw areas under his arms and on his belly are no longer red and scaly, although no hair has grown back there. He still scratches a lot and we may end up putting him on something to help with that but the Omega 3s in the food are certainly helping.  

He is super, super sweet and I absolutely love him. He follows me from room to room all day long, except for the bathroom. He loves to have his back and his belly scratched. We go for 4 walks a day (he loves walky-walks) and we play in the backyard as well. I love his little nubby tail and it wags all the time.

He has brought me such joy in a very short period of time and I'm so happy he's mine.”