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Puppies, in particular, need the best and most correctly balanced food to help them develop.

That’s why you can trust Fish4Dogs to provide your puppy with exactly what it needs. At Fish4Dogs we produce a range of natural, healthy food and treats that are simple, grain-free and made from fish.

high fish content

Fish is an ideal protein for all dogsnot just puppies, because it's easily digestible, low in sugars and saturated fats and is an excellent source of essential amino acids that most closely matches what the body needs.  Not to mention, dogs love the taste of fish! The overuse of processed meats and cereals have made many modern dog foods bland - resulting in many picky dogs.  Dogs prefer the stronger aromas & tastes they find in fish.


Fish is one of the richest, natural sources of Omega-3, specifically the beneficial EPA & DHA forms. Omega-3  is associated with brain and eye development in puppies, and aids in improving the immune system. It keeps skin supple as it stretches with your puppy's growth as well as helps to reduce inflammation.


Carbohydrates are important in a diet because they are converted into glucose (blood sugar) and then used, or stored, as energy.  A significant number of dogs suffer from sensitivities to grains.  That is why Fish4Dogs foods use sweet potato and pea as its carbohydrate source, ensuring a low likelihood of sensitivity. This also helps to provide a balanced GI (glycemic index) to keep your puppy feeling fuller longer.


At Fish4Dogs we keep our recipes simple, because we only put in what your puppy needs.  Our nutritionists add just the right amount of essential vitamins and minerals - essential for bodily functions and ensuring your puppies development is maximized.  You can be confident your puppy is being fed a nutritionally complete pet food and that extra supplements aren't necessary for a healthy dog. 

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