the development stage

The first 2-3 months play a crucial role in determining the health and wellbeing of the dog later in life.  These initial months are when millions of nerve pathways are being formed and extended while bones & muscles are growing and strengthening at rapid rates.  Ensure your puppy is getting the correct nutrition with Fish4Dogs.

the best start

As your puppy grows, it goes through many significant changes, including development of bones, joints, brain, eyes & digestive system.

Bones & Joints

Fish4Dogs helps maintain healthy bones and teeth due its high Calcium & Phosphorous content.  The mineral balance in fish is a major factor in development and the high levels of Omega-3 help make joints suppler.

Brain & Eyes

DHA found in Omega-3 is the key operation of brain cell membranes and helps to forms the tissue that converts light to energy.  There is growing evidence in the role of Omega-3 in brain and eye development.  Especially, the DPA which is found only in marine sourced Omega-3.


Your puppy’s stomach is very sensitive - a good protein should be easy to digest so the body can break it down efficiently. Because fish is easily digestible, it reduces the growth of unwanted gut bacteria and improves digestive issues with dogs with sensitive stomachs – like your puppy.   

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