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The conventional farming system has evolved in a way that treats animals like inventory, and prioritizes profit over their welfare. This has led to the vast majority of farm animals being raised in crowded, unsanitary, high-stress environments where they are unable to live healthy, happy lives and engage in their natural behaviors.

We work with farmers who prioritize the welfare of the animals under their care. There are many elements that go into raising animals in a natural and humane way. Here are just a few of the standards employed by all of our supplier farms:

  • Cages, crates and tie stalls are forbidden
  • Ample space for animals to be comfortable and roam as they please
  • Enrichments to help animals better engage with each other and their environment
  • A clean resting space with proper bedding and air quality
  • Our programs have standards for outdoor and indoor systems to ensure proper care in all climactic environments






Here are some basic fundamentals employed by all of the farmers we work with:

  • Standards must be put in place to reduce stress during transportation
  • Transport and handling must be kept to an absolute minimum
  • Personnel involved in transport and processing must be thoroughly trained and competent to carry out the task required of them
  • There must be at least one trained Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) responsible for the implementation of animal welfare policy

All farmers and ranchers we partner with must have their processes and facilities inspected by third party auditors to ensure that they meet strict standards for the ethical and humane treatment of farm animals during transportation and slaughter.