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All Fish4Dogs products are made using fresh fish and are hypoallergenic. Our dog food is natural, nutritional, and lovingly made from the finest ingredients to ensure healthy pet nutrition.  While protein is a major priority we also understand that a balanced diet is essential for a healthy pet. 


Dogs love fish, and it’s a perfect source of protein for them. The two main reasons dogs love fish are the aroma and taste. The bland tastes of processed meats, cereals and fillers aren’t going to leave bowls empty and tails wagging. 

Fish has endless benefits for your dog which also makes it a brilliant protein source, many of these coming from the high amount of Omega-3 which is found within fish.

Carbohydrate Blend

Our recipes contain zero grains– but we do use good carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are important in a dog’s diet as they help leave them fuller for longer and give them the energy and vitality they need.

The main carbohydrates we use at Fish4Dogs are potato and pea starch because they have a low chance of intolerance and sensitivities.

Sweet potato and pea starch give a balanced Glycaemic Index (GI), this is important to get right so we leave your dog feeling fuller for longer.  GI is the measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates that break down quickly and release glucose rapidly have a high GI and those that break down more slowly, a low GI.

Rich in omega-3

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid which the body needs but can’t make – therefore, it needs to be taken in through food.

Omega-3 is a great, natural anti-inflammatory which can help prevent and solve problems with coat, skin, bones, joints, digestion and more. It’s also highly concentrated in the brain and appears to be important for brain function, memory and behavior.

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Meet the Nutritionist Behind it all

Fish4Dogs Nutritionist

Dr. David Southey is Fish4Dogs leading nutritionist, graduate of Leads University in England and has been working in pet food formulation since 1992.  

With Southey's expertise, Fish4Dogs formulated its "fish only" recipes that are high in Omega-3's and use good carbohydrates to keep your pet in tip-top condition through its lifetime.

Below is a chart illustrating the ideal canine protein requirements compared to multiple different proteins found in most modern-day dog foods.  The amino acids found in Salmon are almost identical to the amino acids that canines need to live a healthy lifestyle.  As you can see, all other proteins do not even come close.