Loving Rescue "Chocolate" Finds Peace

Dog Sponsorship Journal

RescueWest Nose Rescue - Philadelphia, PA
Dog Name:  Chocolate
Breed: Labrador-Pitbull Mix



9/25/18 – Chocolate's Background

Chocolate is an 11-year-old Labrador-Pitbull mix that was found with another dog chained to a porch in rural South Carolina.  Neighbors heard them one day and walked over there – only to find the heartbreak of emaciated Chocolate and his furry friend chained to a porch for what looked like forever.  The neighbors then called the police and the police brought them to Mama’s Shelter in Bamberg, SC. 

Once he was rescued it was found that he had a SEVERE flea allergy that was never treated.  He lost a tremendous amount of hair on his back and his tail because of it.

Chocolate is now residing with a foster from Wet Nose Rescue in Philadelphia, PA where he is so very grateful to have loving, genuine people caring for him.  He is still very thin but getting better as each day passes.  Chocolate is eating Fish4Dogs Freshwater Fusion dog food now and can’t get enough of it!  His foster also believes that this is what is helping his hair grow back and his weight gain (that is taking a little bit longer than his hair). 

Chocolate is a TOTAL sweetheart and so affectionate – it is amazing that a dog put through so much trauma in his life can be such a nice dog.


11/2/18 - Progress

"Chocolate's fur looks so much better than we have ever d reamed.  Chocolate is gradually putting on weight, he is still a little thin but no where near as thin as when we got him. He really enjoys laying on my lap to rest. 

Chocolate & his new brother absolutely LOVE the fish skin treats.  I gave each one a large treat and they ran to their respective beds, turned around and started enjoying them."