Jude's Story

Sponsorship Journal
Rescue:  Agape Animal Rescue – Nashville, TN
Dog Name:  Jude
Breed:  Lab/Catahoula Mix

January 2nd, 2018

Jude is a one-year old 40lb Lab/Catahoula mix.  Jude was in a temporary shelter in Austin, TX after the flood and he was in bad shape when they first saw him.  He was very underweight, had bad skin, and was very afraid. He has improved greatly since coming into the program, but is still having some skin inflammation issues from the flea allergies. He is such a sweet dog and they would love to see him fully recover!  

Jude has really struggled emotionally and meeting new people/going new places is very hard for him. It took two months of practice before he finally made it into the studio for the holiday pictures. He still needs time to completely heal physically and mentally before he could realistically start meeting families. One of Agape’s favorite fosters has offered to give him that time and continue working with the vet to get him healthy and also work with a trainer on carefully socialization. He is a gentle soul and they are thrilled he will be able to relax and recover at his own pace. 

Since Jude has entered Agape Animal Rescue he has been eating Fish4Dogs Superior Salmon Adult Food to help clear up his skin issues and allergies.