Heartwarming Stories of Love - Meet Roxy


German Shepherd Roxy has been through a lot in her life but has always been a fighter. She suffers with quite a few medical conditions including arthritis and degenerative disc disease but always carries on regardless.
In November 2017, Roxy was admitted to Davies Vets suffering from onset acute anaemia. She stayed for 15 days, a hugely worrying time as she didn’t appear to be regenerating any new cells. Her bone marrow had simply ‘stopped’.
During her stay, Roxy received two blood transfusions, thanks to the donors at The Pet Blood Bank, which saved her life and bought time for investigations into the cause. After a change in medication and some steroids, Roxy is doing well and has started to regenerate cells again.
Roxy’s owner Jayne said,
‘I just want to say a massive thank you to all your wonderful donor dogs for the hugely important work that they do.
Roxy has been through so much in her nine years it would have broken our hearts to lose her without being able to find a solution and your wonderful donor dogs made that happen. Although my husband and I have a lot of grey hairs from worry, Roxy is the funniest, daftest, sweetest dog. She is such a survivor, but as she often presents symptoms differently from expected, the transfusions not only saved her initially but bought valuable time for the wonderful staff at Davies to explore what was causing her condition.
We are eternally grateful.’