Heartwarming Stories of Love

heartwarming stories of love


Ted came into Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter after we visited a home in Malvern where there were many dogs kept in poor condition and needing to be re-homed.

Ted was one of many we helped by either bringing to the shelter for re-homing or sending off to other rescues for re-homing. Overall, we took over 12 dogs from the property. Similar to the other small terriers that were there, Ted was very nervous of people and had not had much socialization. We found a foster home for him with another dog, where he could live outside, which he was used to and he also had full access to come into the house day & night.

Unfortunately, he could not stay in that foster for too long, so he found himself back in our kennels. With a lot of patient work from staff and Jenny (a long standing, regular volunteer) he slowly started to trust a few people. A lovely family came along wanting to offer him a home with them and their dogs. It took a while and a few meets for Ted to trust them, but having other dogs around certainly helped.

 Ted, renamed Eddie, soon was re-homed. Again, it took a while for him to settle in the home but had bonded well with his new human mom and the other dogs in the home. Eddie went from a dog who we could not get on a lead to begin with, to a well-rounded dog who just loves his new 2-legged and 4-legged family.