Haystack the Stray

Dog Sponsorship Journal

Rescue:  Agape Animal Rescue
Dog Name:  Haystack
Breed: Poodle Mix



Haystack's Story | 

June 20, 2018

We just picked Haystack up from Metro this morning. He is very sweet, but a little freaked out. I have attached the only pictures we have of him so far.Haystack is an 8-year-old poodle mix that was found as a stray. He has some patches on his skin, is under weight, needs a dental, grooming, and has some eye issues going on. We don't know anything about his background yet. 

Haystack will begin his Fish4Dogs Superior Salmon diet in 2 days - Stay tuned for his progress. 



July 2, 2018

He loves short walks, but he gets tired easily. I wanted to send this update on Haystack so you can see how bad his skin is :( Poor guy!! He is doing well settling into his foster home and enjoying the food – he is getting a ton of attention and love.  His skin has a long way to go, but he is already feeling much better than when he first arrived. Here are a few facts about this little guy:

  • Potty trained - Will bark at you and then walk to the door when he has to pee.
  • Easily adapts to daily routines.
  • Loves a full body massage.
  • Someone for sure gave him table food because every time his foster is cooking steak or some sort of meat he stands at her feet and barks (lol).
  • He is okay with kids but pulls away if they get around his nose/eyes. Totally fine just hanging with them while they pet his belly and sides.
  • Loves the Fish4Dogs food and treats!
  • Can sit on command for a treat or praise.
  • Harder for him to get up steps. He will stop and look up to you to pick him up.
  • Crate trained but will bark until you leave the house.
  • Doing great with the eye and ear drops. The film that was over his eyes is almost gone and he is starting to be able to hear better.
  • Does great with the medicated baths. He doesn't even try to get out of the tub!!

  • His skin and bumps are getting softer and less smelly.
  • Fine with brushing and light grooming but doesn’t like to be trimmed around his face. At some point he needs a full groom and there is a place close to his foster that can do it.
  • He goes to bed every night at 7pm and he wants his human to go with him lol. My mom can pick him up and take him back out to pee around 9pm but he can make it the entire night. He doesn't get up until 7 to 9am LOL.
  • Okay with dogs and cats but he annoys them quickly. One of the videos shows him barking at his fosters’ cousins dog. He wants to play but I can see another dog being pushed too far by his constant barking. He doesn’t bark at all when there are no other animals are around. He wants to lick other animals in the face constantly too.

  • He will go outside off leash to potty and come right back inside but his foster tries not to do that very often. He walks on the leash just fine to potty.

He is an awesome little guy :) 


Update: 9/17/18

Here are two recent photos to show how well Haystack is doing on Fish4Dogs (look at that full belly!). Foster mom says he’s adjusting well and his skin and coat is looking so much better! Haystack's foster mom says they are officially ready to put him up for adoption - photoshoot to follow! Yay Haystack, Congratulations!!!