Happy's Rescue Story

Dog Sponsorship Journal

Rescue:  Music City Animal Rescue – Nashville, TN
Dog Name:  Happy
Breed: Unknown


Happy's History - 2/15/18

Happy came from Williamson County Animal Center 4 years ago, and has been with Music City Animal Rescue ever since. His original name was Chico but from the moment they saw this tiny little 3 lb. pup, he looked like he was smiling, so they renamed him Happy!

What Happened?



He had just been neutered before they got him so they knew he would need some recovery time, but he was VERY swollen and walked with a limp to his back leg. They later discovered that during his surgery, they nicked the outside of his colon and it was leaking. When they went back in to fix the problem, they pulled ligaments in his leg and hip due to all of the swelling. This now causes him to limp and stand in a backwards C shape. They almost lost him when they went back in to repair his colon, so they decided not to put him through any more surgical procedures. Happy was carried around for weeks, followed by care from a foster. For almost two months, Happy thought his feet were never supposed to touch the ground, but through it all, he never lost his grin!

They believe that due to all of the stress his body has endured, he developed severe GI issues and IBSD. He was put on several medications and a special diet, but he didn’t like the food and wasn’t eating regular meals because of it. He was started on Fish4Dogs, and after the initial transition, he has been doing amazing! No diarrhea or soft stool since being on a consistent Fish4Dogs diet. His limping has also decreased, and they believe it is partly due to the Omega 3’s helping with his inflammation and joint mobility!

Happy will likely be a forever foster due to his ongoing orthopedic issues, but if they found the right family, they would be willing to adopt.



Happy is about the same - still doing well on his Fish4Dogs diet.  Very seldom has tummy upsets and appears to be running around a little more often on that leg.  All good things! The only photos we could get of him were of him trying to sneak a sniff of his mommy's plants.  He isn't usually allowed in the plant room (he has a tendency to pee on the flowers - imagine that!)  That is why he looks like he is sneaking around - "What? Me? Nothing to see here!"


Fish4Dogs has really seemed to help Happy.  We virtually have NO diarrhea problems now! Happy is NOT a fan of the camera!!