dog day festival 2018

Dog Day Festival - Centennial Park, Nashville, TN
Saturday, September 15th, 2018
Imagine a day where four-legged friends rule the day. The two-leggeds are referred to as “dog’s best friend.” Tennis balls are the ultimate reward for positive behavior. On this day, “Music City USA” becomes Shih-Tzu-sic City USA! Appropriate greetings are done front to back, high fives are still high fives (they’re just better!) and the streets are paved with treats! That day is here…
Check out these great photos provided by our rescue partner Music City Animal Rescue as they promoted Fish4Dogs and the benefits it can have in a dogs life.
Lacy and her mom - Lacy is around 10 years old...I thought she might have been older until I saw her jetting around. 
Lucy was adopted from Music City Animal Rescue about 2 years ago.  Her mom was very receptive to trying Fish4Dogs when we spoke about transitioning her to a higher quality food. 
Twinkle the puppy is in training to be a service dog!
Larry the Golden Doodle and his dad...of course, skin allergies so he thought Fish4Dogs would be a great fit for Larry!