Daniella Finds a Loving Home

Dog Sponsorship Journal

Rescue:  Wet Nose Rescue - Philadelphia, PA
Dog Name:  Daniella
Breed: Lab Mix


Daniella's History

Daniella was found chained to an old vehicle in Bamberg, South Carolina. It was apparent that not only had she had many litters of puppies but she had spent her entire life chained up outside. She was removed by a Shelter in Bamberg called Mamas. She was Heart worm positive and had no teeth, but remained pleasant and loving. Danny was treated for Heart worm and moved up to Wet Nose Rescue in PA. She has found a Senior family and entered the Gray Nose program. Her first night in a home was incredible, she walked into her new home, looked around, found her very own bedroom with a fluffy quilt on the floor. She promptly climbed onto her quilt and fell sound asleep. Danny is now 12 years old, has a family to love her and now with Fish4Dogs is enjoys a happy healthy diet.  She is a little on the chubby side so now on her new diet hopefully will lose a few pounds. She loves her new food!