Adopt a Homeless Pet Month 3-Pack Jerky Bundle


August is Adopt a Homeless Pet Month!

Buy This Specially Made 3-pack Bundle and we will donate $5 per bundle sold to help Clear The Shelters!

Each year we try to do our part to help homeless pets find loving homes. This year we are working with NBC's Clear The Shelters event in our local area by donating food to help dogs with inadequate nutrition make a transformation and become healthy.

We're furthering our efforts by offering this 3-pack of 1.1lb Sea Jerky at a great discount for you and we get to help benefit a needy pooch. With every 3-pack sold we will donate $5 to help clear the shelters.

Get yours today to stock up on delicious Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky and help a homeless pet!

This Bundle Includes:

(1) - 17.6oz Bag Sea Jerky Tiddlers

(1) - 17.6oz Bag Sea Jerky Twists

(1) - 17.6oz Bag Sea Jerky Knots

These bags normally sell for $29 a piece. You save $27 and get to help a homeless pet!

Thanks in advance for your support!

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