• Trumans Road to Recovery

August 27, 2019

Truman’s Journal:

Truman was found by the police department in Bamberg, SC.  He was barely able to walk when he was found.  Wet Nose Rescue in Philadelphia, PA was contacted and agreed to bring him up to Philadelphia to be a part of their Gray Nose Program.  The Gray Nose Society program is a new program launched by Wet Nose Rescue that is designed specifically to help get Senior Dogs out of shelters and into the homes of Senior Citizens capable of caring for the dog. Read more about their initiatives here.

It took several weeks for Truman to be healthy enough to travel to Philadelphia.  However, he finally gained the strength!  Upon arrival, his appearance literally brought tears to the eyes of the owner and volunteers of Wet Nose Rescue. 

He has been with Wet Nose Rescue for about a month and a half now and doing great! He is enjoying his healthy diet from Fish4Dogs.  Of course, he is getting so much love and affection and is making tremendous strides towards a greatly improved life.


Follow our Facebook page to follow Truman's story.  Also, leave a comment below if you would like to get involved in helping Truman. 


If you're considering adopting a dog please do so responsibly and do your research to ensure that you can care for another family member properly. Our friends over at Breed Advisor have created a great resource to help you prepare for bringing a new furry friend home. For more info please read their post: The Ultimate Guide to Dog Adoption

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