• Transformation Tuesday

August 29, 2018


Sasha was found wondering the streets and was thankfully taken into foster care. Sasha started to be slightly more mobile once being in a loving home.

His diet consisted of vegetables, Salmon Oil and Fish4Dogs Complete food.  Proper nutrition was helping alleviate any joint pain and giving him the essential nutrients he required. Sasha’s teeth were not in great condition.  He was fed Sea Jerky treats to help remove the buildup of plaque & tarter. Sasha was gradually introduced to Fish4Dogs Complete Foods over a few days by mixing it with the rice which he was used to eating.Sasha sadly was hit by a car and his foot was crushed in the accident. This lead to Sasha having his front leg amputated below the elbow. His remaining front leg is now very arthritic which causes pain and discomfort.  His general health had been neglected, his coat was very matted and he struggled to walk due to the accident.  Sasha was in a sorry state.

Sasha is a much more content dog and happily socializes with the other two dogs in the house.   He is also not as breathless and is very enthusiastic about dinner time. His back legs were very wobbly when he first arrived but he is now able to run and can even jumps up for attention. Sasha’s fur is growing thick and glossy and he no longer whines or cries with pain so his medication could be reduced.Sasha, the once stray dog, is looking happy once again.  It looks as though Fish4Dogs Complete food and treats are suiting Sasha! When he first arrived he was thin, could barely walk and was very withdrawn. A few months on and he is much fitter, confident, his coat is thick and lustrous and he has so much more energy, vitality and strength when walking.

Sasha is definitely on the road to recovering and is enjoying life again.  His Fish4Dogs Food and Treats are definitely an added bonus.

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