• The Fatal Consequences of Chocolate for Dogs

December 11, 2020

At Christmas, it's not unusual for us to go ahead and treat ourselves. While we can put our diet on hold and "work the holiday's off" in the gym come January, our furry friends don't have gym memberships.

Vets are urging pet owners to not accidently cause death by chocolate by pampering their pets this Christmas.

Experts warn that chocolate is poisonous to animals and treats off the dinner table can cause serious illness. Candy, pies, stuffing, and sugary Christmas treats can be really dangerous to give to your dog (any time of the year).

“Christmas is a time for sharing and many owners will give treats to their pets or give them leftover Christmas dinner but this can have fatal consequences.” - Bruce Waddell, Willows Veterinary Hospital, Hartford.

Why Is Chocolate Toxic For Dogs?

image of chocolate

Chocolate is toxic to almost all animals because it contains a substance called theobromine and the higher the cocoa content, the more toxic the chocolate. A lethal dose for a medium sized dog is about 10 squares of dark chocolate and owners are advised to ring a vet immediately if their pet ingests chocolate.

Bruce said: “Even if the pet owners are aware of the problems it can be Christmas visitors who are not pet owners unable to resist the imploring eyes of a begging dog that can unknowingly cause problems.”

Onions and garlic are also toxic to animals as they contain compounds which destroy red blood cells.

Avoid Overfeeding Your Dog

Overfed dog getting measured

Giving a pet a share of Christmas dinner can cause problems as pets are not used to eating rich, high fat foods and as a result can suffer from indigestion and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea.

Avoid over indulgence by feeding your dog tasty omega 3 rich healthy food and low-calorie treats.   Our Sea Jerky Treats are award winning, low calorie but tasty treats.  Our Calamari, Squid and Mousse are luxuriant gourmet and decadent treats to shower dogs in love.   

What better way to trick your pooch into thinking they're sneaking something special, that has added health benefits? Have a great holiday season!

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