• Puppy Proofing your Home

May 28, 2020

Tima Lund BSc, BEng and PGCE is a breeder, trainer and Fish4Dogs ambassador. She gives us her tips on how to ready your home for the arrival of your new puppy.


Check all your fences; small pups can squeeze through impossibly small gaps.

Baby gates

Go online and find second hand baby gates. Staircases needs securing so little pup doesn’t run up/down stairs. It’s dangerous as it can hurt its shoulders and joints if it runs up and down by itself. Put a baby gate across kitchen doorway, and anywhere else it may escape from.


Decide where it is going to have its crate and ask the breeder what size of crate will be best. The general rule is that an adult dog needs to be able to stand upright comfortable and lie on its side with legs stretched out.

Decide where it is going to sleep. It is an individual choice where you want your pup to sleep but a crate is really great for the safety of both you and your puppy, as you can’t watch them all the time. A second hand play pen can also give a bit more space and freedom while not being able to eat wires etc.

Other bits and pieces

Make sure you ask the breeder what comes home with your puppy and you can then ensure you get the other bits in advance. Rubber backed vet bed is my favourite bedding; it washes and tumble dries easily and looks good for a long time.

Fish4Dogs are happy to share content from our selected supporters and ambassadors but please note that the above opinions and views are that of the contributor and not that of Fish4Dogs itself.

If you would like more helpful puppy-proofing advice check out this puppy-proofing checklist for your home and yard from our friends over at This Old House.


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