• Major Announcement: Closure of Fish4Dogs US Operations

May 19, 2023

We Have Sad News :-(
It is with great sadness that we must inform our customers that a decision has been made to close Fish4Dogs US LLC
Unfortunately, inflationary pressures have driven up the costs of fish based raw materials, and this coupled with the expense of importing products from the UK and Norway, has resulted in erosion of margins to the extent that our shareholders have decided not to underwrite our losses. 
We would like to thank all of our customers for their amazing loyalty to our company and our brand. We hope that one day when the economy greatly improves Fish4Dogs will be able to re-enter the US market on a more sustainable basis. 
We have been asked to liquidate our remaining stock, which is why everything will be marked down to 70% off through June 15th, 2023. During this time all sales will be final, as returns will not be possible. After this time our website will no longer be operational, and you will no longer be able to order Fish4Dogs products in the USA. Due to regulatory constraints Fish4Dogs UK is unable to ship direct to consumer from Europe.
We encourage all our customers to stock up with products while enjoying these amazing discounts – when they’re gone there gone!

Bulk Discounts
While it was a good idea, Bulk Discounts have been removed and a 70% discount has been implemented on ALL PRODUCTS. You will receive this large discount on all quantities. We encourage you to stock up while availability lasts.

Autoship Customers
Your existing autoship order will process normally, at normal price until 6/15. If your next order date falls after this day, your recurring order will automatically be cancelled. 
If you wish to take advantage of the 70% discount, you must log in, cancel your subscription order, and process a manual order. You will not be able to process a new auto-ship order after cancelling your existing one.
We apologize for the short notice on this announcement and appreciate your loyalty throughout the past few years.

Breeder Club & Puppy Club Members
Due to the nature of our final sale and large discounts associated with it, all club discounts are no longer available
However, the 70% discount listed on all products greatly supersedes all club discounts, and is available to all customers.
We also appreciate your brand loyalty and recommendations through the years.

We just want to be very clear that the last day to order from our online store forever is June 15th, 2023. After this time no online orders will be possible, as we take necessary actions to close down our operation.
After June 15th you may be able to purchase our treats online at Chewy.com as they work through their remaining stock as well. There are no other kibble distributors of Fish4Dogs products in the US at this time.
Once again we want to thank each and every customer. This was not the avenue we were hoping for but is where the rising economy has led us to. We wish everyone happiness and health for their human and furry family members alike.

Best Wishes,

The Fish4Dogs US Team

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