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June 17, 2019 2 Comments

Finest Complete Foods to Replace Superior Brand for Fish4Dogs US Market

Hi there loyal Fish4Dogs customers! It's Mike from the F4D team. First we'd like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support of the Fish4Dogs brand! We believe in delivering only the highest quality marine-based food for your dog - which leads me to this important organizational announcement.

There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just cut right to the chase - 

As of August 1st, 2019 Fish4Dogs Superior Brand will no longer be available for purchase to US customers. (but Finest is staying!)

This includes Salmon, Freshwater, and Puppy recipes.
All remaining Superior stock will be available on our website until this date at a discounted rate. All remaining Superior stock has a Best-By date ranging from August 13 - September 15 2019.

Superior Fish4Dogs Food

Some Background

Originally, to bring the Fish4Dogs idea to the US market quickly (rather than waiting on importation regulations) the decision was made to take the Fish4Dogs UK Superior Brand, and reproduce the recipe within US borders. We then introduced it to small boutique pet stores on the west coast and online, while the original Finest recipe was undergoing USDA & FDA approval for importation.

The decision was recently made to wait out the approval of the original Superior Recipe to be imported directly from our Norway facility , rather than producing another round of US-produced food. Why? Because the Norwegian-sourced fish is just better quality than anything we can source from the Pacific.

These things take time. We have every intention of bringing the Superior brand back to the US market once all of the paperwork is processed by the FDA/USDA and all Norwegian ingredients are approved for importation.

Fish4Dogs is dedicated to bringing only the highest quality fish-based products to our customers and their dogs. At the end of last year the original Fish4Dogs Finest Brand Complete Foods were finally approved for importation into the US! We quickly began importing this brand directly from our Norwegian facility, rather than reproducing the Norwegian recipes within our US borders. The Finest brand has been received well by our customers and is quickly becoming the US favorite!


Why We're Excited About Finest Complete Foods

Finest is the brand that the UK Fish4Dogs was built on, known for, and has won awards for. We think it's time to share this with the US. We're sad to see Superior take a temporary hiatus, but Finest provides all the same benefits of a simple fish diet and most dogs seem to enjoy the taste even better.

Finest Complete Foods Fish4dogs

Finest contains only the highest quality, fresh Norwegian ingredients, produced and packed right next to the Norwegian fjords. Norwegian sourced fish is the cleanest, highest quality fish that we can find, that is why the decision was made to hold true to the Fish4Dogs brand and import the original recipe directly from this source.

Finest offers an expanded range with additional flavors, kibble sizes and bags for puppies and adult dogs.  Finest provides a 100% high-quality fish protein, with no other meat or poultry added, as well as potato and pea starch as its carbohydrate source. We believe it is the best choice for all dogs and the best choice to aid in brain and eye development, skin and coat conditions, sensitive digestion, and joint mobility issues.

Fish4Dogs UK Show StandFish4Dogs UK Show Stand and extended range.


Norway FacilityFish4Dogs Norwegian Facility.

We are proud to introduce Finest foods as Fish4Dogs number one flagship range which has been successfully sold globally for over 10 years and plan to sell successfully for many years to come. If you would like to learn more about our Norwegian sourcing and sustainability, or how the Finest brand foods are packaged, please visit www.fish4dogsus.com/pages/from-sea-to-bag

We want you to try our Finest brand, and want it to be an easy transition for you and your dog. So, for a short time all superior orders will also include samples of our Finest brand foods. Please try this with your furry friend, we're sure it will be a hit! We would still recommend mixing foods for a short time to help with this transition.

Please contact us at info@fish4dogsus.com if you have any further questions regarding this transition.

As always, we appreciate your business!

Fish4Dogs Queens Award

Fish4Dogs ISO 9001 Accreditation

2 Responses

Margaret Osborn
Margaret Osborn

November 07, 2019

We started giving Marley (Golden retriever) Finest Ocean White Fish large bites around 6 months ago and it seems to be a big hit with him. His coat is soft and shiny (he has a lot) and no tummy problems! I really like the idea of ingredients being only fish, potato, peas and vitamins also being grain free. Thank you!


February 19, 2020


I’m glad to see Fish4dogs is over here, I feed this to my Bernese mountain dog back in UK. So was panicking on what to feed her when she came over. Needless to say “Thank heavens” its available here as well as her fishy treats.
The only downside is the added tax, no pet points for your voucher and it takes a week to get to me in California.
But thank you x

Lisa & Ellie

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