• Fireworks and Dogs: How to Calm Your Dog Down During Fireworks

July 03, 2018

July 3rd, 2018

Fireworks are the cornerstone of a summer night in the United States – especially around this time of year.  They are an amazing, beautiful sight to see for us humans, however some, (if not most) dogs think otherwise.  An article from Canine Journal gives some tips on how to calm your furry friend down during these celebrations.


The first question they ask is why.  Why are dogs exactly afraid of fireworks to begin with?  The answer to this question is simple, because fireworks are loud, and your dog is not used to noises like this – it’s a natural instinct to run away and be afraid.


Canine Journal has given us 6 simple tips to help calm a dog during fireworks:


How to Keep Dog Calm During Fireworks
Source: CanineJournal.com

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